What is the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Trying to find the perfect vacuum for laminate floors is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it probably could or should be.

Woman with Vacuum on laminateLaminate services are going to require a whole different approach to vacuuming compared to how most common vacuums are set up, simply because your everyday vacuum is going to be designed to tackle carpet first and foremost.

Pick the wrong vacuum and you’ll end up scratching, scraping, and essentially destroy your laminate floors without even realizing it at first. On top of that, you won’t pick up anywhere near the amount of dirt, dust, or debris you had been hoping to – and your floors will look as though you hadn’t vacuumed them at all!

Armed with the inside information below, however, you shouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever finding the best vacuum cleaners for laminate floors. These tips and tricks will show you the features you should be looking for, features that will make cleaning your laminated floors almost effortless moving forward.

Let’s dive right in!

Soft bristles or brushes

Dirty Laminate FloorBelieve it or not, carpets are designed to take much more of a beating from vacuum cleaners than laminate flooring ever will be – which is why you need to make sure that the vacuum you have purchased specifically for your laminate floors features soft bristles or brushes.

Sure, the bristles and the brushes of your new vacuum should still be able to pull dirt and dust from your floor surfaces no matter how caked on they may be – but they have to be made of much softer materials or you’ll inevitably end up scratching and scuffing your laminate flooring along the way.

HEPA filtration is a must

Unlike carpeted floors, laminate floors are going to be covered with ridiculously fine particles of dust and debris that just don’t seem to collect and clump up as much as they might in a carpet surface.

Because you’re going to be pushing your vacuum around on a super smooth and flat service without a lot of texture, the odds of blowing dust, debris, and dirt around rather than sucking it up into your vacuum goes through the roof.

There aren’t any soft surfaces for dirt to cling to the way it will on the carpet, which is why you need HEPA filtration systems to capture even the finest particulate dust to guarantee that it doesn’t settle back down on the floor you have just vacuumed.

Wet/Dry capabilities are a big bonus

If you have the budget available, combination wet/dry vacuum cleaners design with laminate floors and hard surfaces in mind will help you get the deepest clean possible when you spend time vacuuming.

You’ll be able to flip from one capability to the next, deep cleaning your floors and guaranteeing that no particles are left behind. You’ll be able to pull up a lot more dirt, dust, and debris then you would have been able to with a dry vacuum along, but you’ll also be able to help restore the finish of your laminate services at the same time with these kinds of vacuum cleaners.